Tegel Airport TXL Bus – Getting from the airport to Berlin’s city center

Getting from Tegel airport into the center of Berlin is really easy.

The cheapest and quickest way is to catch the TXL bus from right outside the airport terminal.

Cabs are also option and won’t cost too much (count on €20 or so) but if you’d like to pay about one tenth of that you should jump on the Tegel airport bus.

The Tegel bus starts its journey right outside Tegel airport’s main terminal. Just look for the main entrance or follow the signs.

A ticket on the TXL Express will set you back €2.30 and you can buy the ticket on the bus or from a machine right outside its stop. When heading back to Tegel Airport you can buy a ticket on the bus.
The bus is really friendly for visitors as it announces each stop so there is no need to worry about asking the driver in your bad German to let you know when he gets to a particular stop.

Follow this sign to find the TXL bus from Tegel to Berlin

The bus route runs from Tegel airport all the way through to the bottom of Prenzlauer Berg. That’s great for anyone going to most parts of Mitte and it gives good connections to Prenzlauer Berg.

These busses usually leave every 10 minutes or so throughout the day and then only once every 20 minutes after 7 pm in the eveing. If taking the TXL to Tegel, give yourself as much as 40 minutes if you are catching it from Alexanderplatz if there is traffic, though the journey often takes less than 30 minutes.

But if you are visiting West Berlin you’ll have to change onto the S-Bahn or U-bahn network. Remember, you can use the ticket you bought on the bus for as many changes as you need as long as your journey takes less than 2 hours and you are travelling in the same direction.

You can go to a handy English route-planner at BVG, the official site of the German transport authority using this link. You can also download the full route used by this Berlin bus. TXL, in case you were wondering, is the international airport code for Tegel.


Here is a quick list of the most important stops and the connections you can make to the U-Bahn or S-Bahn

Tegel Airport


  • This is a good place to jump onto the S-Bahn (or overground rail)


  • This is Berlin’s main railway station. You can get onto Intercity or Regional trains here if you are travelling further afield or onto an S-bahn

Brandenburger Tor

  • This is probably better known to you as the Brandenburg gate and is the inexplicable hotspot of Berlin tourism.

Unter den Linden/Friedrichstr.

  • These are the main shopping streets in the old East Berlin. Hop off here if you want to see Checkpoint Charlie.


  • Not quite the last stop for the bus, but almost. You can see the famous square and tower here or catch other trains or trams.

When doing the reverse journey and taking the bus to Tegel Airport you can quite easily follow the signs from the U-bahn in Alexanderplatz to the TXL Express bus, which stops across the road from the main Galleria Kaufhof.

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