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Natural Sciences Museum (Museum fur Naturkunde)

The Berlin Natural Sciences Museum (Museum fur Naturkunde) is worth a visit if for no other reason than to see its dinosaur collection, which has the skeleton of a Brachiosaurus brancai, the world’s largest mounted skeleton in its pe rmanent collection. It also has the world’s best preserved specimen of the first bird, the Archaeopteryx. […]

Things to do in Berlin for Kids

What puts Berlin up there as one of the child (and parent!) friendliest cities in the world is its knack of adapting current hip trends and services to suit adults who just happen to have children. Berlin’s child-friendly infrastructure came as a very pleasant surprise to me. I certainly hadn’t seen anything like the diverse […]

The MachMit Museum

The MachMit museum (see photos left and below) is a great find especially for winter afternoons. I recently took my 4 year old there and he had a fantastic time on the amazing wooden climbing maze. The museum also has changing interactive exhibitions and related activities. When we visited the exhibition was “Papier=Knuller”. Here we […]

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